About this iPad

this might change a lot lol

The main course

Hey guys. I've gone by many names. Just make something up. Most of the gamers call me Pickle though, and OGs call me Intel


also i block weird ppl idc if ur one of those "block = i own you" morons congradulations you are now restricted from someone's page how exciting



Splatoon SPLATOON SDPLATOON SPLATOONM i have about 900+ hours on splatoon 3 but i got splatoon 2 for christmas so ill be playing that more often

Phighting (subspace main at your service)

TF2 (i flex a lot my current mains are engie, medic, and pyro. i want to learn how to rocket jump but gaming on a magic keyboard is hard!!!)

Totk/botw (i dont even have 50% completion i dont deserve to put this here -_- /j)

SMB wonder what else is there to say also super mario maker 2 is peak

uhhh musics

boggio (aka phighting ost aka crablooshi, key after key, leonjd, etc bro boggio was my top artist on spotify this year i got 779 minutes :sob: still more mentally stable than that one person in the phighting discord with like 2,115 listens on ONE SONG tho)

glass beach

Lemon Demon

mother mother (currently my main interest in terms of music as of writing this)

alex g's pretty good

Also im getting into some artists like tyler and kendrick lamar

im putting tally hall and will wood here cause theyre genuinely cool but they will not leave my daily mix alone dawg augh im kinda close to blocking them slash half serious?

jack stauber sometimes (i love when he yells damn)



does digital circus count? im not rlly in the fandom tho i just think its cool

invader zim be like

smiling friends is peak and i like it and im stoked for season 2


drawing but i get art block a lot i dont do commisions or requests rn srry ^^

walking (fun fact i used to be called splorin)

im also kind of a geek about electronics, especially apple products. will i ever buy any? hell no!!!!!!! but its fun to tune into apple events and watch youtubers like mrwhosetheboss and mkbhd

Socials and whatnot

Newgrounds (i may not ever post on it)

Discord: firstgenerationipadmini
In-game Splatoon 2/3 name: CaptPickle
Switch Friend Code: SW-6424-7597-0892

History (websites ive been on)

  • 2017 - Roblox
  • 2020 - Pixilart
  • 2021 - Tumblr, Twitter
  • 2022 - Discord, Tiktok
  • 2023 - Twitter (part 2), Pinterest?

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